Dryfire Course

Practise at home & don't be bored

The pandemic locked many of us in our homes. But this is no excuse for you not practising!


Dry fire is a technique that anyone can practice at home. It simply means the practise of shooting your pistol without ammo in the chamber. This can also be done with so-called fake/practise pistols.

This is what I have been doing most of my time at home during the lockdowns and I would recommend it to anyone! The only way to stay good (or better) is to stay in shape and practise as much as possible.

So how does this course work? It is completely individual. First you will make a video of yourself. A clear one where I can see how you do it first. Then we will have a dedicated hour where we will analyze you posture, movements, grip and similar and try to improve it. I will give you loads of tips, tricks and recommendations and then it’s your time to shine. You will practise and later on when you think you made some progress you will send a video again. We will make one final analysis and I will give you some final thought, and you’ll be ready!

Approximate time input in this will be 2 hours.


Price: 80 EUR

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